Analog Diary III

July 30, 2022
Analog Kodak Yashica Nikon medium format Rollei Oman Switzerland Ultramax

What I like about analog photography is that the time between taking a picture and seeing a final result takes even two years for me. I love this moment when I get scanned photos and have to figure out where they were taken and on what occasion. Memory is not that good anymore, and not always I can successfully point to the exact time and space. This post includes pictures from Switzerland, Rome, Poland, Oman, and Sweeden. It is also a mix of all my cameras: Yashica FR-1, Yashica MAT-124G, Nikon F4, Rollei 35s, and possibly Nikon F100.

Not all the pictures are great, but the mood of those pictures is unique, and it’s really hard to obtain similar results with a digital camera. So enjoy the photos from the pre-pandemic and early pandemic eras.