Kenya – Part IV

February 24, 2020
Kenya Photo Adventure Africa Safari Animals Nikon

This is the last part of our trip to Kenya, so finally, after almost 2 years I can close this chapter! After dry and bushy Tsavo we continued our Kenyan trip further east towards the ocean. However, before we reached the shore we had one more stop – Shimba Hills. From the dry and sunny savannas, we moved to moody and rainy forests. Here, the forest was thick and it was almost impossible to spot any wild animals. After Amboseli and Tsavo, where seeing a giraffe or elephant was something common, here it was so much more exciting. The weather was also not helping to spot anything, extensive rain and relatively low temperatures were with us almost the whole stay. Finally, after almost a week of safari adventure, we headed to the ocean and our final destination. The stay in the hotel was great but as usual, during the relax, there were not many occasions for photos with one exception. During the low tides, we had an opportunity to discover the sea animals with a local guide, and our surprise was even bigger when we realized that he speaks Polish. Overall, our trip to Kenya was an unforgettable adventure and anyone who is into the wildlife should do it once. I would love to go once again, and this time see the whole big 5!