New Raspberry Pi Camera Water-sealed housing

May 16, 2017
Astrophotography Raspberry Pi Programming Night Sky

Raspberry Pi baser Night Sky camera is back on track! I had almost 1 month break with night sky recording because of the very rainy April. Camera was not protected how it should be and got some water inside the lens. Fortunately rice can really make magic with water-exposed electronics.

I was wondering for quite some time how to protect camera against rain without too much effort. Thanks to massive spam from Chinese shops I’ve got an idea – why not to use GO Pro like underwater housing? The cheapest one I could find was ~$3.50 on Ali. After 2 weeks I’ve got completely sealed underwater camera housing. RPi camera fits very well inside and the picture quality is also not affected by the plastic.

For now I fixed that more of less to my balcony with some tape and rope, phone car holder and will see how long it will survive there. I have already a new idea which involves to fix it more properly with copper wire. First night was successful and I managed to record almost 7h of pictures (22:00 – 5:00) with 6 sec exposure time and 120 sec per frame (with meteotux_pi).