Across Éire

November 18, 2018
Ireland Travel Wedding Sea

This was my second time in Ireland. The first one was many years ago, in 2012, when I was doing my internship in London and Sara hers in Galway. Back then, I hadn’t seen too much of Ireland, so I wanted to make it right this time. The trip was not as spontaneous as one could think. We were invited to the wedding of Jess&Barry and on this occasion visit some more of the island. The first few days we spent in the lovely countryside close to Hacketstown. You never heard about it? Don’t worry; nobody did 😉 This was a very rural area, close enough to the venue and cheap on top. After the wedding, we headed towards Cliffs of Moher, exactly on the opposite side of the island. Driving on the left side of the road is quite a challenge, but we got used to it quite fast because there is barely any traffic there. Cliffs were quite an adventure, and after we drove to Bunratty for the wedding afterparty. We didn’t have too much time to spend in Bunratty, but we spent a lovely evening in the most typical Irish pub. The next day we had to go to Galway, which was quite some distance away. Galway was, as I remembered, rainy and drunk. I also had some more time to take photos there, even in the evening. The following day we left for Dublin and unfortunately we could not visit the Guinness factory because it was already too late. Instead, we went for a walk in the city, which was, I think, even better. Overall, the trip was a huge success both socially and photographically. The pity was that we were always in a hurry, no time to stop somewhere and contemplate nature. We also saw only maybe 10% of Ireland, and for sure I will have to go there once again to see some other parts of this beautiful island.