Obersaxen II – perfect night sky found!

November 9, 2018
Astrophotography Hiking Nikon Night Sky

Obersaxen is a small village in Graubinden (Switzerland), mostly known for the ski resorts and hiking. For me, it is one of the very few places in very urbanized Switzerland which still has relatively low light pollution. This was already a second time when we went to Obersaxen for the night sky gazing and Perseid meteor shower. Thanks to Gianluca and his parents’ hospitality, we could stay in their hut in the mountains, which gave us the greatest Switzerland feeling ever.

This year, Sara, me, and my lab team stayed there for two nights. The weather was very variable, mostly sunny with many showers. We also went for a hike, which has finished because of a rain shower. Later also wasn’t better and the whole evening we were enjoying a thunderstorm in the hut. Sometimes it is worth waking up early in the morning, and this was one of those rare occasions – after heavy precipitation for almost the whole night, the sky has opened, and the perfect night sky was just above our heads. I have to admit that even a sky full of shooting stars is hard to enjoy at 4 am and 8*C. I wish I had more time to prepare and took warmer clothes with me that day. All my pictures from the hike and night sky you can find below.