Schaffhausen and falls

November 3, 2018
Switzerland Trip City

Summer was quite busy, and we were traveling quite a lot. One of our trips was to the place I have already visited some time ago with my parents – Rheinfalls. Rheinfalls are one of the most popular places in Switzerland with thousands of visitors every day. We planned our trip from Zurich and took the train to the city of Schaffhausen. The town is quite small and looked more like an abandoned than a lively place. If someone is planning to go there, should maybe think about going on Saturday, because on Sunday almost everything was closed. From the city center, we went to the castle which was towering over the city. This trip was also quite exciting for me because I took my newest Tamron 15-30 mm f/2.8 lens for testing. It was an excellent opportunity to check how super wide-angle works with architecture. There were not many photographic opportunities, but still, I managed to take some interesting pictures. After the castle, we went to visit Rheinfalls and also made a boat trip around. So exciting! 😉 Anyway, the whole trip was more to chill than do some proper photo walk. Some of the pictures from the falls and the city you can find below.