Analog Diary II

January 28, 2018
Analog Yashica MAT 124G Switzerland ETH

After some time I have finally sent two new films (Kodak Portra 400 120) for developing. I was waiting for them even more intrigued because this time I also sent films from my first medium format camera, Yashica MAT 124G. I was not even sure if this camera and the exposure meter work properly so the results could be very ‘interesting’. Apparently, photos from medium format can be scanned in really high resolution, 6400 dpi which results in scans 14000 x 14000 px, which translates to 196 MPx. One film (12 frames) gave 1 GB, ~120 MB per picture. Quality and tonal range of those pictures is magnificent – they look slightly like HDR modified pictures. The whole gallery you can check below. In addition I also got scans from my other Yashica camera, FRI with Ilford B&W 400.