Walensee and Weesen hike

July 11, 2017
Creative Macro Photo Adventures Traveling Hiking Switzerland Nikon

Few weeks ago we wanted to go somewhere for a hike but possibly close to lake. Because Zurich lake is almost fully urbanised and there are very few real hiking routs we chose to go to the next bigger lake – Walensee. It was already our third hike in the Walensee area but this time we wanted to see the northern-west part. It was surprisingly easy to get there with public transport – train from Zurich to Zigelbruecke and then bus to Amden. In total ~1 h to really amazing place. Because weather was extremely good – even too good for hike, we decided to choose an easy way. With bus we went to Amden, Lehni and then went down close to the dam. At the end we finished at the lakeside, and as it turned out we found the public beach. Even though, the weather was great the lake was still ~18 Celsius degrees. It is really a nice spot to swim and chill. We took the road back to Weesen from where the bus to Zigelbruecke and train to Zurich.

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